Da Costa Hall Summer School at Dawson College – Quebec Board of Black Educators(QBBE)

Each Summer for the past Forty years The QBBE has been running a successful credit Summer School for student with grade deficits or who wish to enrich their learning. The Success rate in courses is consistently over eighty percent.


Call us for urgent attention at 514-342-2247 to make an appointment or for more information. Ask to Speak to Mr Sean Seales or Ms Tenisha Valliant.

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Decolonising the Mind: Hugh Masekela’s lecture to Unisa’s Annual Spring Law Conference – AIDC | Alternative Information & Development Centre

Posted on AIDC

Decolonising the Mind: Hugh Masekela’s lecture to Unisa’s Annual Spring Law Conference

Amandla! Issue No. 43/44 | December 2015


Hugh Masekela is a South African jazz musician, trumpeter and composer.

I always hear people, before they make a speech, say this, so I’m going to say it too. I don’t know what it really means but “All protocols observed”.

Because I am shaking in my boots, I want to give you, first of all, my full nickname. My full nickname is:

Ke nna Ramakgolo wa Batlokwa ba gaRamokgopa. Ke rena Bapau ba ditshwale; ke rena Bakone ba ga Selakane. Ke rena Baroka-meetöe-a-pula, bommamotshepa’a boloko, boThaba ya naka töa go ripöa. Ga di a ripelwa go kala; di ripetöwe go hlaba dingwe. Re Bapau, ba re felesetsang Mopau ge a eyo nya, ge a eyo ja ga a felesetöwe. Lesetja kobo e ntöho ke apere, ke saletöwe ke go apara nkwe*.

Our real history

I’ve been asked today to come and talk about decolonising the mind. And the first thing I’d like to get us to think about is what are we decolonising ourselves from, because a lot of people are not aware even that decolonisation has taken place in their lives and that they come from a colonial background.

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Artist Mentorship Showcase – Friday, May 10th & Saturday, May 11th, 2019


Abena Bentley
Event Coordinator
Black Theatre Workshop – Theatre BTW
432-3680 rue Jeanne Mance
Montreal, Québec, H2X 2K5

E: office@blacktheatreworkshop.ca
T: 514.932.1104 x 225

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Communiqué de presse Festival International Nuits d’Afrique 2019

FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL NUITS D’AFRIQUE  33e édition – Du 9 au 21 juillet 2019  UN VOYAGE MUSICAL PLANÉTAIRE  À la rencontre des cultures d’Afrique, des Antilles et d’Amérique latine Montréal, le 27 mars 2019 – Du 9 au 21 juillet 2019, Montréal sera musicale, dansante et festive lors de la 33e édition du Festival international Nuits d’Afrique. Pendant 13 jours, plus de 700 artistes d’une trentaine de pays et des centaines

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April 18 Newsletter




For four years Montrealers have been coming out to a grand event to hear people tell their stories of confronting and overcoming personal challenges of one kind or another. So in keeping with the spirit of “overcoming…” the much-anticipated event has now been cemented in the minds of those who have been participants or guests.
To that end, Born To Rise is back for its 5th edition. Read more



There has been a buzz of anticipation surrounding Geordie Theatre’s production of Reaching for Starlight. Well, the play is ready to be launched on April 26 at Concordia University’s D. B. Clarke Theatre.
Inspired by the film Black Ballerina, artistic director Mike Payette commissioned Donna-Michelle St. Bernard to write a play that would translate across the Canadian demographic.
Reaching for Starlight has been three years in the making and is being touted as Geordie’s biggest production to date, featuring an illustrious cast of 12 performers. Read More.



Montreal is booming. In fact, it was the top economic performer among all Canadian cities and at the same time out-performing almost every American city in 2018.
It’s unlike anything seen in this city’s recent history as almost every sector of the economy fires in overdrive, bringing jobs, stimulating the real estate market and boosting arts and culture.
And the progress parade is expected to continue as forecasters are projecting Montreal’s gross domestic product to rise by at least 4.2 per cent, while unemployment drops to 5.5 per cent, the lowest it has been for decades, bringing with it a respectable employment rate of just under 6.2 per cent as more job seekers attempt to cash in on the good economic times. READ MORE

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April 4th Newsletter

Celebrating 27 years of service to Quebec’s Black and Caribbean Community

Quebec Religious symbols bill IS WITHOUT MERIT


Everyday Quebec grows a little more intolerant of its minorities and less accommodating, to the extent it’s on the road to becoming a global spectacle when it comes to xenophobia and hate.
Who would have thought that in a global environment where big-time hate-emitter Donald Trump is spewing so much bile about immigrants that Quebec would be today’s poster child for alienating minorities?
That’s what it has come to with the proposed legislation tabled by the governing CAQ in the National Assembly on Thursday, March 28, which aims to ban public servants in positions of authority, from wearing religious garments and symbols. Read more.

Former Montrealer Michael Baffoe elevates to the top of academia


Former Montrealer Michael Baffoe has reached the top echelon of Academic ranks at the University of Manitoba. He was promoted from Associate Professor to the top academic rank of full professor in early March 2019.
Baffoe is best remembered as the founder and former executive director of Black Star Big Brothers, the popular mentoring program that provided positive role models for young Black boys growing up in female-headed single-parent families in Montreal. And was also a former contributor and columnist for the Community Contact writing a piece on African issues. Read more

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“The Roadmap To Leadership Development” – An Introduction to the Philosophy of Leading From Above The Line – April 27th, 2019

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Road Map To Leadership Development – An introduction to the philosophy of Leading From Above The Line Retreat – Montreal, April 27, 2019

By Valerie Gordon-Williams

People of the Caribbean and the “developing” world are used to having leadership and personal development “expertise” originate from North America and Europe. A quick check of most written material and reality TV programs on the subject, available to our community would confirm authorship mainly from the North. However, this is changing with the emergence of a unique and transformational philosophy that has already positively impacted on the lives of many. A Grenadian philosopher and author based in Trinidad, has distinguished himself and his work from the norm. Theodore U. Ferguson Ph. D. is the developer of the philosophy of Leading From Above The Line: A principle grounded approach to leadership and personal development.

An alumnus of the Grenada Boys Secondary School, Dr. Ferguson, holds a Ph.D. in Agriculture from the University of the West Indies, and is a Fellow of the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. He served as Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of the West Indies (1971-1996) and was Project Officer with the Caribbean Development Bank (1974-1978). He is the Founder and President of the not-for profit organization – Leading From Above The Line TT. Dr. Ferguson is also the author of the 2012 published book: “Writings on Leadership: Sharing the Philosophy of Leading From Above The Line.”

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From the Desk of the Secretariat of the Black Community Forum (BCF)

Join us at the Black Community Forum in congratulating the Black Theatre Workshop staff, Board and supporting technical team in the progress over the years and the contributions of the BTW to the enrichment of the Black communities, to Montreal, Quebec and Canada as the Country strives to make Multiculturalism as a state policy work. You are a great example of how it can be done. We are proud of you as a member of the Black Community Forum and your mission. You remain committed to telling stories and teaching the human condition through the lenses of the Black Canadian history and experience; but you engage the Country through your inclusiveness to participate and use it to enrich all our lives. It has taken many years. We wish you luck in the final selection on the 21 March 2019, the eve of your fiftieth Season.

January 9 2019

Finalists for the 34th Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal revealed

The Conseil des arts de Montréal is pleased to reveal the finalists for its 34th Grand Prix, which will be awarded on March 21, 2019. The finalists made exceptional contributions to the vitality of Montréal’s arts community in 2018.

The finalists are:

Black Theatre Workshop, for its efforts to promote inclusivity among various Black communities in Montréal, Québec, and Canada and for its outspoken acceptance of sexual, linguistic, and cultural identities. The first French-language reading of Angélique, a work involving artists of diverse origins and echoing the problems of systemic racism, is representative of this broad artistic vision that builds bridges between communities, in keeping with Montréal’s social and cultural reality. The many 2018 METAs earned by their production of The Mountaintop also reflects the arts community’s interest in the Black Theatre Workshop’s outstanding projects.

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